Agriculture Officer – Bandhan Konnagar, Kolkata, West Bengal (17 Jul 2021)

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Job Description of Agriculture Officer We are seeking an experienced Agriculture – Officer with good business sense to lead the agriculture vertical of Bandhan-Konnagar for development of Sustainable Agricultural Projects. Knowledge & Skills: The person should have the knowledge related to cultivation practices of various crops (cereals, fruits, vegetables, orchards, etc.), soil and water conservation practices in West Bengal. S/he should keep abreast of developments in agricultural science. Key Responsibilities:
  • Analyzing existing operations, crops, staff and financial documents and recommending improvements
  • Preparing plans and schedules for planting and harvesting and ensuring staff understands expectations
  • Directs and coordinates worker activities, such as planting, irrigation, harvesting, grading, payroll, and recordkeeping
  • Analyzes soil to determine type and quantity of bio fertilizer required for maximum production
  • Inspects fields to determine maturity dates of crops or to estimate potential crop damage
  • Visiting the different divisions to inspect crops and also perform tests on soil and water
  • Ensuring seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other supplies are regularly restocked
  • Scheduling repairs, maintenance and replacement of equipment, machinery and farm property
  • Handling the marketing and sale of products produced on the field like fruit, vegetables, grain etc.
  • Ensuring that the crop cultivation is profitable and meets projected financial goals
  • Assisting with the recruitment and training of new staff members
  • Collaborating with senior staff to prepare budgets and financial reports
  • Advertising and marketing agricultural products and promoting the work among the local farmers for adoption
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Agriculture
  • Minimum 5-7 years of proven work experience in managing agricultural farm, sustainable agriculture and organic farming
  • Outstanding track record in designing, executing and generating profit from agri-farm
  • Extensive experience in farming-related field
  • Ability to plan, multi-task and manage time effectively
  • Excellent problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to make decisions in stressful environments
  • Willingness to work overtime as required
Salary: As per not-for-profit standard About Bandhan Konnagar Bandhan was set up in the year 2001 to meet the cardinal goals of poverty alleviation and women empowerment. There is an entire suite of development programs which are aimed at bringing about holistic transformation in the underprivileged community. The organization works closely with people who live in the lowest echelons of the social system for their socio-economic progress. It constantly tries to broad base its scope of services and minimize areas of income leakage in the underprivileged families. Bandhan-Konnagar is actively engaged in the field of education, health, livelihood promotion, enterprise development, employment generation and the like.
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